About Us

Kansas City’s Most Trusted Roof Tile Manufacturer

We were founded on the simple principle that we must always exceed our customers’ expectations. We support this philosophy through skilled craftsmanship, integrity of materials, and excellence in customer service.

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At Stoneworth, we know that not all Midwest roofs are created equal.

This is why we expend so much energy toward the quality of our process. It’s our mission to deliver each customer a roof that is both breathtakingly beautiful and enduringly strong. It’s not enough for our customers to simply love the roof they receive — we want them to love it for as long as possible.

The way we support our mission is through mindful attention to detail, and a healthy respect for work that is done by hand. We source the highest-quality materials and keep the recipe simple, creating a beautiful product we’re proud to put our names on.

Our core values

We are positive, respectful, and compassionate.

We put family and team first.

We lead by example.

We have a passion for growth.

We have a willingness to help solve issues.

We make a difference.

Who we are


Dan Carvalho

President and CEO

Dan, our President and CEO, is onsite daily, and realizes the importance of customer service. He does whatever it takes for you to get the product you expect and deserve. His motto is: “Always show up,” and that is exactly what he does for both our customers and our team. His determination, vision, and confidence are the “how” behind the Stoneworth brand. His compassion for others and the importance he places on clearly communicating his mission to the team make up his foundation for success.


Sara Carvalho

Vice President of Finance and Marketing

Sara, our Vice President of Finance and Marketing, is constantly behind the scenes, making sure our brand is continually aligned with our mission and vision. She loves to see the brand come to life as Stoneworth not only creates beautiful roofs that last for our customers, but also a product and legacy that our team can be proud of.

Her words to live by are from one of her favorites, Lucille Ball:
“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more things you can do.”


Adan Rojas

Operations Manager

Adan, our operations manager, has been with Stoneworth since 2017. Starting out as an Artisan, he was promoted to our management team after only three years. With a solid background in both commercial roofing and the U.S. military, his commitment to quality and ensuring safety for his team are what he brings to our company every single day. He is committed to being a servant leader, and a strong bridge between both his team of Artisans and the non-production team members. Adan’s continued commitment to improving quality and leading the team inspires all of us to do better!