Terra Cotta Clay Roof Tiles

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La Escandella

With a factory located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, La Escandella combines the time-tested materials and quality of clay tile with the most modern technological advances available in their manufacturing process. Their materials are featured on roofs that can be admired in over 70 countries. Partnering with this socially and environmentally responsible outfit has allowed us to meet and exceed the highest production demands while maintaining a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices coupled with a product that meets 

Terra Cotta Tiles

An interpretation of the Italian term for “cooked earth,” terra cotta tiles have been used around the world, and have been a premier choice for roofing going back to almost 10,000 BCE. The earliest terra cotta roof structures have been located in China and the Middle East, both dating back to the Neolithic Age. These societies, widely separated by distance, discovered the benefits of such materials independently, and their reasons for utilizing such methods are still just as valid today.

Why Clay?

Terra cotta clay roof tiles, while commonly seen in the Midwest and many European cities, are effective and beautiful almost anywhere and complement almost any type of building. In addition to their attractiveness, the tiles are impermeable to weather, rot, and insects and their durability ensures that a Spanish tile roof can last for over 100 years with minimal maintenance. Clay is simple to recycle and does not harm the environment. Depending upon the area in which you are building, clay tiles can be made to specifications that will withstand the environment of the chosen site.

Though clay roof tiles are traditionally red, increasing interest in saving energy has led to the development of clay tiles that can achieve higher reflectivity and emissivity indices, which ensure “cool” roof values. When a roof stays cooler, energy costs are significantly lower, and the buildings themselves are often more comfortable. There are a variety of colors and styles commercially available for clay tile. Reach out to us to discuss the best options for your structure.

Solar Panels

La Escandella has developed a Planum Photovoltaic Solar System, an appealing clay tile with mechanical interlocking that can be easily installed like any normal clay roof tile. This integration of design with solar panel technology allows the system to be installed at significant savings in comparison to other solar solutions. This adds immediate value to the property due to the innovation and effectiveness of the patented system. Contact one of our specialists today to discuss what will work best for your building.

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