Are All Tile Roofs Created Equal? Roofing Options in the Midwest

Getting a roof replacement is one of the biggest decisions Midwest homeowners will ever have to make regarding their property. These days, there are many options for roofing material and it can be difficult to sort through all of the information available to pick just one. Selecting the cheapest option available is not always the right choice for Kansas City homes, so it is important to consider a variety of factors before beginning your reroofing project.

Concrete Roof Tile Vs Synthetic Roof Tile

The weather conditions of the Midwest require strong roofing materials. Durable concrete roof tile has long been a homeowner’s favorite for many reasons. Plastic or synthetic tile roof has emerged as an alternative to concrete tile roof in recent years. If you are not sure which of these options will best serve your Kansas City home, consider the most important features of each type of roof tile when making your decision.


It is natural for the cost to be the first concern when making such a large purchase. Though the price of both synthetic roof tile and concrete roof tile will vary depending on the manufacturer, the two options are fairly similar in price point. Synthetic polymer shingles are less time-consuming to install but the cost to make these from petroleum and plastics may drive the final price up a bit. Be sure to ask your roofing professional for an estimate that includes parts, labor, and time to get an accurate picture of the total cost.


When it comes to your home, how the material looks is extremely important. Curb appeal can account for up to a 14% price difference when it comes time to sell your Midwest home. The aesthetics of synthetic or polymer roofing will vary depending on specific products used, but they generally do not come close to the profile and color options of real concrete roof tile.


Concrete roof tile is one of the most durable roofing materials available. In fact, roof tile made in Kansas City comes with a 50-year warranty to help put buyers at ease. Synthetic roofing shingles, on the other hand, are new to the market and it is still unknown how long they will last, especially under the more extreme weather conditions that exist in the Midwest.


More and more homeowners in the Midwest are becoming concerned about their environmental footprint, especially when it comes to home construction materials. Made of just sand, cement, water, and iron oxide, concrete roof tiles are an eco-friendly option. Plastics, however, are a big problem for landfills and are not recyclable or environmentally conscious since they require petroleum and plastics to manufacture.


Homeowners often overlook the value of a well-insulated roof. Concrete tile roofing is known for its high insulation value that creates warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer months. Synthetic roofing options have a lower insulation value, so any savings that might exist in materials will likely be spent repeatedly on higher energy bills over time.

Reroof With Confidence In The Midwest

Whether you are buying an older home, fixing up your current residence, or starting from scratch with new construction, roofing material matters.