Discover Modern Roofing Trends that Can Help Improve Your Roof’s Appearance in the Midwest

As consumer preferences, needs and tastes evolve, manufacturers have to move fast to stay ahead of market demands. One of the leading construction products evolving fast is roofing materials. Property owners are more focused on improving the functionality and style of their buildings with modern roofing materials. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home or commercial property, there are many options to choose from that can guarantee the design you’re looking to achieve.

Stoneworth™ Roof Tile offers property owners in the Midwest time-tested, long-lasting custom concrete roof tiles in a wide range of unique colors and styles. It has always been our mission to give you a roof that is not only durable but also breathtakingly beautiful at an affordable price.

Major Trends in Residential Roofing

It’s essential for roofing companies and property developers to stay up-to-date with new materials to meet customer demands. Property owners are always looking to try something new to stay ahead of the competition. It’s worth noting that Stoneworth has two of the latest on-demand roofing that you can use for your residential or commercial property. Here are the top two significant trends in residential roofing.

More Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions

The demand for environment-friendly equipment, materials, and machinery will continue for many years. Property owners and construction companies are now looking to install eco-friendly roofing to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption during installation. Homebuyers want to buy homes made with recyclable roofing material. At Stoneworth, we partner with La Escandella to provide you with Mediterranean roof tile that is eco-friendly and beautiful to give your roof that luxurious feel.

Use of Advanced Technology

Technology is here to stay, as we all know, and the roofing industry is part of the growth. Drone utilization will help simplify processes as companies focus on the main objectives of the roof. Stoneworth’s roofing uses the latest technology to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Types of Modern Roofing Materials

Here are the major types of roofing materials in 2022.

Concrete roof tiles: Concrete roof tiles come in a wide range of styles and colors. You can check our manufactured roof tiles, which are enduringly strong, long-lasting, and luxurious.

Imported Spanish clay roof tiles: If you’re looking for high-end imported clay tiles or wish to achieve a specific aesthetic, you can check out our Imported Spanish clay tile roofing that is durable, well-crafted, and beautiful.

Asphalt Luxury shingles: Asphalt shingles are the main ingredient and the most popular shingles in the US today. The asphalt used is processed thoroughly to meet the high-quality requirements needed to build strong yet flexible shingles.

Roofing Material Prices

Roofing material prices vary significantly by region, labor, and material. That means you’re likely to get different pricing based on these factors. Asphalt shingles are cheaper compared to clay and concrete tiles, but they last only a quarter of the time as tiles do. On the other hand, roofing tiles can be costly but quite durable. If you’re worried about upfront costs, asphalt shingles can be a great option, but if you value durability and peace of mind, tile roofing should be a perfect option.

Let Us Help You Build a Roof of Your Dreams

If you’re looking for the latest roofing material for your new project, you can check out our modern luxury roofing tiles made with beauty to last. You can go through our extensive collection and choose a design, and we will work closely with you to help you achieve the desired roof. Contact us to start building your luxury roof today!