Energy-Efficient Roofing In The Midwest

There are many factors to consider when choosing a material for reroofing in Kansas City. It is also important to consider relevant factors to your area and lifestyle. A sustainable, energy-efficient roof significantly lowers the environmental footprint of your home, in addition to providing many other benefits.

Energy Efficiency Of Concrete And Clay Roof Tiles

More and more homeowners are making greener building decisions, selecting recyclable materials such as clay and concrete roof tiles over less environmentally-friendly roofing options. Energy efficiency is one of the leading reasons that roofing professionals recommend concrete and clay roof tiles to homeowners. Stoneworth roof tiles increase the energy efficiency of your home in the following ways:

  • Tiles are installed individually, as well as on an elevated batten that raises the tile off the roof deck, creating a natural air flow under the tiles that serves as a thermal barrier of sorts between the roof decking and the tiles themselves. This natural ventilation allows less heat to escape into the home, so it remains cooler.
  • When direct sunlight hits the roof during warm Midwest summers, concrete roof tiles emit the heat back into the air rather than absorbing it.
  • Lighter-colored concrete and clay roof tiles offer superior solar reflectance than a darker-colored roof. Stoneworth offers a wide variety of color options so you can choose the best for your home’s needs.
  • As the world focuses more on sustainability, tax credits are often available for homeowners who choose energy-efficient building materials. Because the federal government recognizes the research on the impact of roofing on the flow of heat into the home, your concrete tile roof may be eligible for some of these programs.
  • A new roof is a large investment so the materials you select must be cost-efficient. For example, wood and asphalt shingles are far less expensive than concrete roof tiles, but shingles may show significant signs of wear by 10 years from weather and hail, while concrete and clary roof tiles often last up to 100 years. The less often you have to replace your roof, the fewer resources you are using and the less waste you are responsible for in the environment.
  • In the Midwest, extreme weather, droughts, and hail storms are all common occurrences, so your roof will need to be able to withstand the effects of those events. Concrete roof tile handles inclement weather with great success, lowering your heating and cooling bills and limiting the amount of damage your home will sustain at the hands of Mother Nature.
  • A beautiful roof that matches your home’s style and color scheme looks more attractive to visitors and therefore boasts a greater curb appeal. As a major factor in home purchasing decisions, this will increase your home’s value, also providing a greater potential return on your investment. Though this is not a direct benefit of energy efficiency, buyers will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Energy Efficient Roof Replacement In The Kansas City Metro Area

Whether you are building new construction or renovating an older home, a new roof is something to give great consideration to. Contact Stoneworth today to begin planning a more efficient home for your family.