Everything You Need To Know About Roof Parts That Make Up Your Midwest Roof

When most consumers think of roofing, they only consider the main materials used for the roof’s surface, yet underneath those quality concrete roof tiles are some components to help stabilize the roof and protect the entire structure of your home. In addition, a variety of accessories help enhance the roof’s performance against weather conditions, climate, and other outside forces. Stoneworth Building Products are offered through professional roofing contractors, but it is helpful for homeowners to know what is involved in the re-roofing and roof replacement process, to make the best product choices. 

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Components Of A Roof

Roof Decking: Made up of wooden boards (OSB Plywood) that support all the other components of your roof, decking may remain intact or may need to be repaired or replaced before new tiles are installed. 

Underlayments: Directly on top of the roof decking, underlayment products provide an additional line of defense against the elements to enhance the function of the concrete roof tiles. Resist the temptation to save money with inferior underlayment products, because this ultimately is extremely costly in the long run. 

Battens: Used to attach and fasten clay and concrete roof tiles to the roof deck, the batten system also provides ventilation to keep the roof cool in the summer and warm in the winter for optimal energy efficiency. 

Flashing: Any intersections where concrete roof tiles intersect with chimneys, skylights, vents, or walls produce the possibility of leaking. Metal flashing ensures the integrity of the roof to prevent debris from entering the system.

Hips And Ridges: These intersections of the roof often need to be reinforced for weather blocking or ventilated for proper airflow and insulation.

Eaves: Eave risers and taper strips create a finished look to your roofing and elevate the concrete roof tiles and prevent water, birds, and other vermin from accessing the roofing system. 

Rakes And Gables: Depending on the style of your roof, rake tiles, and other accessories protect against the elements while creating a pleasing aesthetic. 

Valleys: When two roof slopes direct water to the same place, damage can occur. Ribbed Valley Metal sheds all water from the roof and keeps it away from your home and the roof deck.

Tools And Fasteners: In areas like the Midwest where high winds and storms are common, concrete roof tiles need additional fastening. Tile manufacturers recommend high-quality clips, screws, and wire ties to keep tiles intact and help them to adequately stand up to the elements.

Roof Accessories

Water resistance and energy efficiency are the primary functions of a good roofing system. A concrete tile roof will also include the following accessories to optimize performance:

Ice And Water Guard: Snow and ice are common in cold-weather climates like Kansas City. Peel and stick ice and water guard creates a barrier along eaves’ edge where ice buildup is most common.

Snow Guards: Similar to ice and water guards, these hold snow in place and prevent snow slides.

Ventilation Systems: Heat and moisture accumulation in attics affects the integrity of your roof. Ask your roofing contractor whether solar roof vents, passive roof vents, ridge vents, or a combination are best suited to protect your roof and improve ventilation.

Roof Gutters And Downspouts: Roof gutters come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to carry water away from the home’s foundation.

Solar Panels: An increasing trend, solar photovoltaic kits can be placed on the roof to harness the power of sunlight into usable energy. Skylights may also fill this purpose.

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