Importance of Buying Roofing Products Manufactured in America

American-made goods are an important part of the nation’s economy and support American jobs. American customers feel pride and satisfaction when purchasing from American businesses.  When you buy from domestic businesses, you can be sure that your products are made by American manufacturers who follow American labor laws.

Why Buy American?

Domestic Environmental Regulations

Instead of having to navigate through foreign regulations, your product will adhere to all applicable standards.

American products are often more eco-friendly than foreign counterparts, even without a decrease in carbon emissions. American manufacturers must comply with all federal and state environmental regulations. 

Some countries may not follow the same environmental and pollution regulations as the United States. American-made products are guaranteed to meet American standards. American-made products are an environmentally responsible choice for consumers, as they use cleaner manufacturing processes and comply with safety and health product regulations.

Design Standards

You can purchase products with confidence because of important American regulations such as OSHA and child labor laws. Buying domestically reduces foreign product imports that are unsafe or illegal. By purchasing from domestically owned companies like Stoneworth™ Roof Tile, you can support fair, safe, and humane labor.

The journey to a strong, beautiful roof begins with superior design standards. American-made roofing like that found at Stoneworth is the product of a few simple steps that are designed to create a roof that lasts for years. Such products prove a company doesn’t have to sacrifice the human factor to produce reasonably priced, superior products.

You Can Trust Quality Standards

American companies can provide the highest quality products available. American products are made from high-quality materials and products that perform well. The “Made in the USA” sticker on products is a guarantee of quality and reliability. 

Although quality control is an important part of overseas trade, it’s difficult to determine the product’s worth if it doesn’t meet American standards. The American manufacturing industry is known for its excellence. Today’s manufacturers are built on generations of passion, skill, and expertise. You can be sure that your product is made with the highest quality craftsmanship and care when you shop at American businesses.

Top North American Roofing Manufacturer

Concrete roof tiles provide superior wind and hail resistance and repel water.  Stoneworth™ Roof Tile comes with a limited warranty of 50 years, so you can be sure they will last.  Concrete roof tiles are made to withstand the harsh weather conditions that Midwest homeowners often face. Manufactured here in Kansas City, Stoneworth Roof Tile custom concrete roof tiles are among the best in the U.S.

Stoneworth also imports Spanish clay tile for those who are looking for the best-imported clay tiles or a particular aesthetic. A partnership with La Escandella brings you a Mediterranean roof tile that is both stunningly beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Stoneworth is proud to be a key producer of 100% American-made roofing tiles.