Roof Tile Styles in Kansas City & Beyond

Stoneworth Roof Tile is proud to be the Midwest Source for American-made concrete roof tile in a variety of styles, which are all fully customizable in curve, color, and texture. Whether you’re updating your roof for reasons of safety or curb appeal, customizing a commercial property to enhance its architectural charm, or building your dream home, we offer high-quality titles with hand-finished details that will satisfy every builder and the most discriminating of owners.

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Styles we offer

All of our styles are handcrafted and personalized to compliment your structure. We offer only Class 3 Hail Impact certified tiles that are fire-resistant and built to last. The design of any roof must be durable with a low need for maintenance to prevent unnecessary expenses and hassles to the owners. Our energy-efficient materials absorb heat from the sun during the daytime and release it at night to help create a cozy warmth during winter and a relaxing coolness during summer days. 

Roof Tile Styles


Oxford tiles are often used on historic-style homes, such as Victorian or Cape Cod houses, but will look and work perfectly in any number of applications seeking high-end or classic presentation. The clean dimension compliments a variety of architectural styles.


This tile is crafted with notching that creates a staggering shadow line and thus complexifies the surface of the roof. Named for the London borough that is home to many structures that boast some of the finest examples of Victorian architecture (along with the famed Kensington Square) these semi-smooth tiles provide a unique and appealing finish.


One of Stoneworth’s most highly crafted tiles, each piece displays smooth and brushed surfaces, along with a notched lower section and a groove that delineates the surface when installed.


All the classic beauty and architectural detail of the Italian style are on offer when installing this barrel tile. Any structure can be enhanced with a flow harkening to the famed waterways of Venice.

Clay Tiles

Our clay tiles are crafted in Spain and imported for Stoneworth’s exclusive use and distribution, utilizing the time-tested manufacturing process that imbues each tile with the strength to offer up to a 100-year guarantee. Clay tiles require limited maintenance and are ideal in areas where flying and crawling pests tend to be an issue due to their resistance to rot and unattractiveness to insects. Clay tiles are not susceptible to harsh weather or fire in the way that alternate choices are. Once installed, they offer beauty and security for a lifetime and beyond. Clay tiles are produced from fully recycled and biodegradable materials and are known as ideal for insulation, airflow, and ventilation, making them a popular choice for warm-weather areas, but an appealing and efficient choice in any weather environment.

Clay Large Mixed S Type

Offering a Mediterranean aesthetic and a simple install and fixation, these breakage-resistant composition tiles are perfect to display the customized craftsmanship timelessly and durably.

Curved Mission Barrel

This two-piece tile is most often seen in Spanish Colonial structures, but its modern applications extend far beyond Europe. The rustic missions of California are also associated with this style, and the design speaks of a combination of history, security, and luxury with distinct, elegant dimensional elements.

Solar Planum Tile – Flat

Smooth and timeless, these flat tiles offer a high-tech design and aesthetic look. This versatile choice is compatible with many architectural styles.

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