Stoneworth is the Official Manufacturer of Roof Tile for the 2022 Artisan Homes Tour

Stoneworth™ Roof Tile is a Kansas City, Missouri-based roof tile business. Stoneworth is delighted to announce that they are the official manufacturer of Roof Tiles for the 2022 Artisan Homes Tour, based in Kansas City. For many years, the firm has been a proud sponsor of the event and is thrilled to be the sole partner in roof tiles for this year’s event.

The Artisan Homes Tour is one of the most anticipated homebuilding events in the country. Stoneworth™ Roof Tile is proud to be a part of this year’s tour, which will feature some of the nation’s most beautiful and unique homes.

What is the Artisan Homes Tour?

For three weekends in June, the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City hosted the 2022 Artisan Home Tour, a tour of Kansas City’s most outstanding custom house builders and their unique and distinctive features. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds.

On the tour, a building examination procedure is used to guarantee that the properties fulfill the required quality standards. Scott Bickford, R.S. Bickford and Company, one of Kansas City’s most well-known architects, evaluated each builder’s architectural plans on their own merit.

Who attends the tour?

The tour has become an established tradition in the Kansas City community, with people from miles around attending. This series of events provide a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about constructing a luxury custom house to visit and get an inside look at how it’s done.

Why attend the tour?

People come out for the following reasons:

Get inspired

It’s a fantastic way to get in touch with current trends and admire the work of Kansas City’s top interior and exterior designers. Seeing some of the most incredible homes in Kansas City, MO will encourage you to strive for new heights and start planning your own bespoke house creation experience.

Research builders

You’ll get an idea of the builder’s style. Because the homes are all managed by representatives or workers of the developer, you may obtain a sense of the service approach and which builder is appropriate for you and your demands. You may also ask questions in person to better understand builders’ ideas and services.

Research products

This structure is ideal for individuals who want to get a feel for different building materials. Viewing the items up close and personally allows you to appreciate the detail that goes into these homes’ production, construction, and finishing.

Clarity in your style

When you get to see these homes up close, it will offer you guidance on your own style and assist you in focusing on your design requirements. Contemporary, Traditional, and Rustic are among the styles exhibited during the 2022 Artisan Homes Tour. Nothing compares to seeing various designs in action to help you figure out where your project should go.

Support a good cause

Ticket sales help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF is the world’s largest organization dedicated to funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Its goal is to drive life-changing discoveries in T1D and its complications.