What is a Blend

Kansas City Roof Blends

When it comes to choosing a new roof, there are more selections than ever available to consumers. One of the popular and versatile roof options to date is a blend. These Innovative and attractive roofs provide more versatility and appeal than many other roof types. Find out if a blend is an ideal option for your home’s style and preferences.

What is a Blend?

A blend is not a process of mixing colors together to create a new color but a combination of multiple tiles singularly that have a complimentary tone and creates a look that gives uniqueness and dimension to your roof. It’s a way to use highlight and contrast to achieve a specific look.

The tiles used to create a blended style roof have colors that transition in a smooth, attractive fashion to create this signature look. When you look at a home with a blend style roof, you don’t immediately notice the different colors but rather the texture it provides and the added dimension.

Why Choose a Blend?

A blend is ideal for executing creative designs and matching with changing trends. If you’re using a color scheme but want the option to change it over time, a blend is a great choice to help you maintain versatility. The colors used to create a blend complement one another and help boost texture and dimension to your roof. Additionally, their look is more appealing and helps create a more attractive appearance for some home designs.

For example, if a homeowner wanted to paint their home a trendy color but weren’t sure how long the color would remain in place, they would choose a blend that would allow them to work with several color palettes to provide options in the future while also looking great with their current color scheme.

It’s also an excellent choice for homeowners contemplating selling their homes at some point. Having a blended roof is a selling feature because it allows future homeowners to easily change the color scheme of the house without having it clash with the roof.

One primary reason for selecting concrete roof tiles is because they are more durable than standard roofing material and can last for up to and possibly over 50 years.

Most Common Blends

These blends make a great addition to any home, especially homes in the Midwest. There are six total styles of blends to choose from, and these are different types of most popular blends including the following.

Chesterfield – a blend including chocolate, smoke, and suede

This home is shown featuring our Venetian style tile.

Gainsboro – a blend including charcoal, smoke, and ironwood

This home is featuring our Nottingham style tile

Nottingham Gainsboro

Regency – a blend including suede and smoke

This home is featuring our Cambridge style tile

Cambridge Regency

Stonecastle – a bled including cocoa and charcoal

This home is featuring our Oxford style tile.

Oxford stonecastle

The most common of the roof Blends include Chesterfield, Gainesboro, Regency, and Stone castle.

Weather conditions and intense heat in the summer and cold in the winter require better protection and insulation for homes, which is what concrete roof tiles offer. Add the benefits of blend tile, and you get a superior product that provides durability, versatility, and value.

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