Mediterranean Clay Roof Tiles

Discover The Advantages Of Mediterranean Clay Roof Tile in the Midwest

In response to our commitment to exceeding customer expectations at all times, Stoneworth is proud to offer La Escandella clay roof tiles imported from Spain in addition to our other roof tile options in Kansas City.


Types Of Clay Tile Roofing Styles

People often do not realize how versatile clay roof tiles can be. Each has unique characteristics and attributes. Select the clay tile roofing style that best matches your home’s aesthetic:

  • Mission Style
  • French Style
  • Spanish Style
  • Interlocking Style

Solar Panel Options

Solar panels are a great way to conserve the earth’s resources while saving money. While it is true that solar panels are easier to install on other types of roofing, solar is compatible with clay tile roofs.

La Escandella–history and background

Located in Spain right on the Mediterranean Sea, La Escandella’s commitment to quality products embodies the rich history of Mediterranean roof tiles. Sustainable yet modern, La Escandella is in line with Stoneworth’s deep belief that our customers deserve the very best for their homes and commercial buildings.

Why Do Kansas City Homeowners Prefer Clay Roof Tiles?

Long-lasting color:

All roof tiles sold and manufactured by Stoneworth are pre-blended for the most vibrant and long-lasting colors available. This decreases the amount of maintenance required and ensures that your roof looks great for the long haul.


The roof is the most vulnerable part of a structure when it comes to wildfires or residential fires. Clay is fire resistant for additional protection.

Strength and durability:

In the Mediterranean where clay roofing is very popular, some buildings have held the same clay roofs for hundreds of years. La Escandella does offer a limited 100-year guarantee on their clay tile roofing for your confidence and peace of mind.


Clay roof tiles possess natural thermal resistance yet since they are installed individually instead of in sheets like other roofing materials, they also offer superior ventilation. This combination allows them to help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.


La Escandella is committed to the sustainable production of clay roof tiles. The materials used are natural and free of chemicals and any tiles that do not pass the stringent screening process are broken up and recycled into new tiles/

Match color and style to your home:

The neutral earth tones of Mediterranean clay roof tile make it perfect for many types of architectural styles. Check out the many colors available and select the one that best matches your intended aesthetic.