How Can I Match Stoneworth Tile to my Existing Roof for a Repair, Addition or Pool House?

It is exciting for a homeowner to have an additional room constructed to be added to their house, put a new roof on their home, or construct a pool house on their property, but one thing many homeowners do not think about initially is how they will match the tiles that are already on the existing roof of their house to the new structure.

Stoneworth™ Roof Tile is a very popular option and has been used on roofs for decades. If you are in need of tile roof repair, it can be frustrating to try to match the new tiles to the existing ones, but with Stoneworth, it is definitely possible.

Tile roofing is extremely durable, but like any roofing material, the tiles can be damaged by falling tree branches or even blown off during a strong windstorm. Most homeowners do not have extra tiles on hand at their home, so trying to find a certain kind of tile to make an exact match can be a little tricky. Keep in mind that you do not have to simply match the color but also the manufacturer, materials, in styles. This is the reason that a Stoneworth roof is a great option because the company is constantly producing new tiles for roofs in a variety of colors and styles, including older ones that can be matched to your existing roof tiles.

Stoneworth Tiles

Each tile manufacturer has its own process for creating and producing tiles, including Stoneworth™ Roof Tile. The great thing is that Stoneworth can also produce tiles to match your existing roof, even if the original tiles were not made by the company. This means that your roof will look great and all of the tiles will match correctly, which is very important. It also means that if your roof is one color, the tiles can be matched appropriately and if not, you can end up with a gorgeous blended roof which consists of two or more colors of tiles from Stoneworth.

Blend Roof

When it comes to roofing materials, a blend is a combination of multiple single tiles in colors that compliment each other. The complementing colors normally feature two or three different colors that look great together when they are combined to create a look that has a dimension but will also add a look and feel of uniqueness to your roof and your property to give it the greatest curb appeal on the block.

What is a Blend?

When it comes to the design of a roof, whether it be a new one or replacing tiles, many people turn to blends to be able to create a very unique dimension to an otherwise one-color roof. The customer can choose several colors to see how they will blend together and decide upon which type of blend works best for them and their home.

Blends also allow customers to have more freedom when it comes to choosing the colors for the exterior of their house. For example, if they want to go with a blend that looks good with a navy blue house right now, but 20 years from now they want to change the color of the home to tan, the blended roof will still look great with both colors.

The most common blends are Chesterfield, Gainsboro, Regency, and Stonecastle.

Factors to Consider when Matching Tiles to an Existing Roof

Age of roof-over time

Since the color of tiles can change over time, you need to consider the age of your existing roof as well as how it will weather and change over time.


The manufacturer of the tile that was originally used may not be in business any longer or the particular tile that was used on your original roof may not be available any longer. The professionals at Stoneworth can match the colors closely with the existing tile.


If you’re repairing the roof, there may be tiles in certain areas that you could move around to help make them less noticeable when you’re blending new tiles with older ones.

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The roofing professionals at Stoneworth have assisted thousands of customers over the years with matching their tiles for repairs, as well as additions and new structures, such as pool houses and garages. They work hard to make the process very easy for you while customizing your project to fit your situation properly. Contact the roofing specialists at Stoneworth today for all your roofing needs.