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When it comes to concrete and clay roof tiles, we’ve got plenty to say! Our blog is a space to stay informed, learn some interesting facts, and find out why Stoneworth is your best roof tile manufacturer in the Kansas City area!

Efflorescence: What is it and What Does it Mean For Your Roof

If you have ever seen white dots or white patches on the roof of a home or building, it is probably roof efflorescence.

Why is my Roof Leaking

Many Midwest homeowners give no thought to their roof until it begins leaking. Avoid costly damage to your home by knowing the signs and causes of leaks so you can replace or repair your roof before it is too late.

Energy-Efficient Roofing In The Midwest

Roofing with high energy efficiency ratings benefits everyone. Concrete and clay roof tiles from Stoneworth are perfect for your home in the Kansas City Metro area.

How To Fireproof Your Roof In The Midwest

Concrete and clay roof tiles from Stoneworth™ Roof Tiles are naturally fire-resistant. Combine roof tiles with fire-resistant underlayment for maximum protection. Call now to learn more.