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When it comes to concrete and clay roof tiles, we’ve got plenty to say! Our blog is a space to stay informed, learn some interesting facts, and find out why Stoneworth is your best roof tile manufacturer in the Kansas City area!

Stoneworth’s Roofs Featured in 2022 Artisan Homes Tour

Stoneworth™ Roof Tile is Kansas City's most trusted roof tile manufacturer, and we're proud to have our products featured in this year's Artisan Homes Tour.

Reasons Your Roof May Be Leaking

Roof flashing is a crucial piece of protection for your home, but it does not last forever. Annual inspections can help alert you to roof flashing vulnerabilities early so they can be addressed before any structural damage occurs.

Buyer’s Guide: Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof in Kansas City is a detailed and complex process. We walk you through installing Stoneworth concrete and clay roof tiles step by step.